The Cornish Gazette

As you may or may not have been aware, a month or two ago, a new Cornish online newspaper entitled The Cornish Gazette blasted into existence.
It is essentially a satirical paper, (along the lines of a Cornish Private Eye) however some articles also cover important news and issues the ‘local’ press are perhaps, less inclined to print.

Satire within Cornwall has long been needed. Politics and politicians on the grand stage encounter it always – in Cornwall, someone writes a letter to the West Briton and that’s the end of that. Now our elected members of parliament in the Duchy, along with their counterparts in Lys Kernow are being scrutinised and parodied for their behaviour, as well as policy. It doesn’t stop with politicians though. Anyone or any company is fair game it seems!

So within, you have the floppy-haired Andy Gorge MP as well as positive news bringer Arabella Kingston (aping the typical Tory sloane journo-type), the Week in Gibberish (tackling nonsense), a rabid old fart and any number of comedic videos.

The latest edition is out on November 30th . This was intended as a heads up more than a review but it’s starting to sound like one, so I’ll just leave you with the link!


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