Flag Grab

“Breaker, breaker, get that flag gone!”, “Roger D!”


New footage just in.

From 3:12 you can see the policeman in question receiving instruction via his earpiece and then grabbing the Cornish flag from torch bearer Andrew Ball.


14 responses to “Flag Grab

  • Mrs Vanessa Greenslade

    For centuries the Cornish people have had their own flag and language.
    Why then did the powers that be deem it necessary to remove the Cornish Flag from the Olympic torchbearers hand and from the entrance gate to Lands End? Also the Flag was taken down in Liskeard! Where were our Cornish Council officials, who are suppose to work for the Cornish people and uphold their heritage?
    Will the Olympic officials be removing the Welsh and Scottish flags? The Olympics are supposed to be above politics but in this case obviously not!

  • Anon

    I don’t see any police taking any flag. I see another runner taking the flag, after they finished running through the audience, before entering an empty bridge (I’m not familiar with this area, so I assume it is the connection to England?).

    • An Helghyer

      The runners in grey are Metropolitan Police officers from London and you are correct about the bridge. AH

      • Big Fuss

        so, the flag was put away moments before the touch entering England? Seemed to be flown fine while in Cornwall, it indeed would have been a political statement to carry it over the bridge to England.

      • An Helghyer

        Actually, the border between Cornwall and England (set in 936 by Athelstan) is on the eastern bank of the river Tamar, so he could have carried it all the way over the bridge.

      • Hedghog

        But one of the police officers was helping him carry the flag, and then it was removed before crossing the border – I think you are being a bit over sensitive here.

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  • Niall Beag

    If he was bothered by it, why didn’t he just drop the torch?

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  • @alburyj

    Aside from the flag, I find it nauseating that people cheer and applaud Coca Cola, Samsung and a taxpayer funded, bailed out bank in Lloyds TSB . Enjoy sport, respect the athletes but for goodness sake engage your brain before mindlessly applauding corporate baubles.

    • Mark B

      Spot on – it was absolutely pathetic. If that’s what passes for entertainment in many parts of Britain then we’re one sad nation (or collection of disparate nations and peoples, whichever you prefer). Off out now to watch some grass grow.

  • sue wilson

    Agree with comments re Coca Cola but is sadly the way of the corporate world how else do we fund these extravaganzas. Gave out lots of coke to Special Olympic Athletes in China but coaches weren’t allowed coffee as unhealthy! We live in crazy times

  • p miroy

    I condemn the olympic committee with use of the police for removing the Cornish flag from one of the torch runners in Cornwall and the way the Cornish language signs were supressed. It’s all very well the government in the foreign condeming human rights in China and Iran, etc. when the same thing was and still is done in Cornwall here in Britain.

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