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Kernow/Hawaii Parallels

Hawaii, like Cornwall, has had problems for years with over-development from outside along with ignorant people who move there, buy up places and have no respect for the people or culture. The Hawaiians call them haoles, we call them emmets. Interesting parallel.

Eddie Rothman – Hawaiian surfer and founder member of Hui O He’e Nalu:
“Well, all the yups are here now, all the rich fucking yups and now they own all the houses and the land, they want to own the water too.
“Some guy goes out and works all day long, he spends eight hours at work; three hours driving back and forth, jumps in the water and some clown’s yelling at him, ‘Hey, hey!’.
‘Hey, hey!’ what?
“The people who for a sport and for their own stress relief want to go out and surf, that are from here, want to catch a few waves too, you know?”