Vote Julie!

Back’long, Penzance world-champion kickboxer Julie Kitchen was denied a chance to carry the Olympic torch through West Cornwall in favour of some up-country people which seemed a little unfair. Julie is a 14x Muaythai World Title holder and is probably the best female fighter/boxer in the world.
She’s a great ambassador for her sport and for Penzance and Cornwall and a fantastic role-model for Cornish youngsters. However, in my opinion, she’s woefully unrecognised.

Kernow’s Julie Kitchen

Penzance Town Council have deciced to give the ‘Freedom of the Town’ to somebody either, ‘born, brought up or resident in Penzance and the surrounding parish’ which leads to some random suggestions such as Mike Luke, Jan Harvey and Caroline Jackson. Hollywood make-up pedlar and actress Thandie Newton is up there too.

Obviously Olympic gold medal winner Helen Glover has been put forward as well but I feel this accolade in terms of a sporting hero ought to go to Julie.

Vote for who you like but I feel this hard-working young woman deserves this.

Vote below:

N.B. An Helghyer neither knows Julie nor has anything to do with kickboxing.


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