The Scum Stirs up Anti-Cornish Feeling (Again!)

A letter published in the Polgooth Times – the newsletter for the village, purporting to be from a 12 year old member of the fictional Cornwall National Liberation Army has got the idiots at the rancid rag that is The Sun rubbing their hands in glee.
This lot like nothing more than stirring up hatred towards the Cornish, even with something as preposterous as this and it’s not for the first time:

Just have a read of some of the mental comments below the article, typical of the Sun readership!


2 responses to “The Scum Stirs up Anti-Cornish Feeling (Again!)

  • Gypsy Lemin

    I personally know the lad who wrote this letter. To say that he is some sort of radical nationalist is complete nonsense.
    Firstly he is 12 years old, secondly he is 12 years old and thirdly he is 12 years old.
    What I have got from all of this debacle is just how small minded some adults are, or should I say the person in the village that got so offended he thought he would send the free newsletter back and cancel his free subscription, What a D**k. They should be happy that a child of his age uses his brain. This is not a radical bunch of terroists but a bunch of young kids who enjoy playing outside, and enjoy playing at war and making camps. Their hero is Bear Grylls.
    It has shown the very best and the very worst of village life, the best being that 99.9% of the village is completely behind the lad and what he has to say, not because they agree with it but they see it as someone who is finding his voice in the community and his peers, and they see a little of themselves in the bambi like steps he has made with this letter. And the very worst of the village with some grumpy old git, who thinks that freedom of speech is only for opinions that you agree with.
    This grumpy git has really stirred up a lot of bad feeling for himself with his actions from the adults of our village. I only hope he deals with that better than he does the musings of a 12 yr old.”

    • Alastair

      Sometimes even publicity like this can be turned to advantage.

      The young man who made his feelings known was expressing them in the way he felt at the time. It is not only the young who can put things in ways that they might want to amend or express differently later. I suspect we have all done it.

      Anyone with any understanding and who disagrees with something that any of us has to say can respond in a decent way. Even if you strongly disagree with something just give a reasoned response. you never know your view might prevail or not as the case might be.. To turn on somebody in a nasty way gives you no way of engaging in any meaningful way.

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