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Cornish Sports Stadium

With Mebyon Kernow talking of supporting a Cornish sporting stadium, (Used instead of the silly ‘Stadium 4 Cornwall’ or ‘S4C’ <that’s a TV channel!> or ‘Stadium for Cornwall’ which no doubt it will end up being called, just like the equally silly ‘Hall for…’. That was the campaign… Where’s the imagination?!), I though I’d throw in my view.

I feel an all-purpose sports stadium would be a fantastic asset for Cornwall so long as it’s not an excuse to build even MORE houses! The proposals for the already heavily congested Threemilestone from the last few years were exactly that – basically building a new village/town that just happened to have a stadium in it. Wrong.

My own feeling is that use should be made of already existing facilities, in fact one in particular. Carn Brea Leisure Centre and adjoining land in Pool.

Stadium Proposal

Not only is this fairly central, it’s just a couple of minutes off the A30. As you can see the main train line runs alongside – it wouldn’t take much to install a platform, indeed, the disused Carn Brea Halt is in the vicinity (even without, Camborne and Redruth stations are only 10 minutes away.).

This site would allow a stadium to be built on the site of the athletics track. An all-purpose stadium allowing athletics, football, concerts and of course our national sport, rugby. Olympic sized swimming pool, conference centres and state of the art sports science and gym facilities would be part of the whole, making this the jewel in Cornwall’s sporting crown.

That would be my dream but I’m only interested in something that would benefit Cornish folk in general and youngsters whose future careers in sport would be boosted greatly, not in lining my pockets like the carpet-baggers who either want to build unneccessary housing or supermarkets and view a Cornish stadium as an easy way in…


Are the Cornish Inbred?

When I log into this blog I get to see what search engine terms have brought visitors to the site. Invariably this will include a search along the lines of “cornish inbred?” “inbreed conish”, “cornish inbreeds”, “inbreeding cornwall”, “cornish inbreds”, “are the cornish inbred?”. This is virtually a daily occurence. Are people that stupid?

Well, mental people who have a burning desire to know, in answer to your questions:



And guess what? As much as a lot of you would like to think, we don’t have straw sticking out of our ears, nor do we crunch carrots, driving tractors all day whilst eating pasties!

Ginsters Fund Tories

This was from back in May but worth knowing.

Water, water everywhere…

If anyone was in doubt about the rates we are paying for water services in Cornwall, here’s a little revelation I had a few weeks ago talking to two lovely couples, one from Somerset, the other from Cumbria. The couple from Somerset pay £180 a year to their water provider, the couple from Cumbria £300 and we, in Cornwall pay up to £1200 a year?
What’s the rationale for such difference? Really… what?

As we know, Cumbria and Cornwall both have more water than Somerset in terms of lakes and beaches. Yes. Therefore more tidy up, more spending on xxx.
And clearly the usage in Cornwall rises massively during the silly season, likewise in visitor-rich areas such as the lakes in Cumbria.
It is still a massive disparity.

As we are talking water, why then, are places like Wheal Jane mine near Truro – an incredibly wet mine – under the auspices of the Environment Agency, looked after by (previously) Hyder Water, United Utilities and presently Veolia?

Is it that, with all their tireless work within Cornwall, SWW couldn’t compete with other operators around Britain? After all, they’re too busy fleecing the likes of me and you to worry about getting involved with dirty stuff! They can’t even dig the roads up anymore without farming it out to someone else!

The people of Cornwall are being taken for a ride, left, right and centre and the water problem is one of many.
I’m sure a better person than I, can and will answer the questions posed but really it comes down to the fact we’re all paying over the odds for services here in Cornwall (for the benefit of others) and water, that most of the time, tastes just like the water up Carn Brea swimming pool!

Carlyon Bay


Carlyon Bay

or something like this:

Carlyon Development

Maybe developers and their Cornwall Council bedfellows could build here?


After all, it’s only a beach…

New Cornish Web Log

Dydh da,

Welcome to An Helghyer (The Hunter).

This is a blog on Cornish issues. Here I will attempt to dissect things affecting Cornwall (Kernow) and her people and name and shame all who make it their business to damage and disparage Cornwall, the people and the rich history and heritage of Cornwall.

Kernow has long been the target of groups wishing to incorporate her into some cosy, homgonised, ‘One State’. These groups ignore, hide and change history and geography to suit their own purpose and do not think twice about bandying propaganda to reinforce their agenda.

I wish to challenge this.

It may not always be pretty. You may not always like what’s written but then…
It also won’t be over-academic in its content. There are plenty of great Cornish blogs that do that already.
Here, will be issues and grievances laid out simply.


An Helghyer