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The Flag, the Vicar and the Pressure Group

Our friends at KernowCalling took some flag action at St Just Feast at the weekend.
I hate to look out on Christmas day for example and see that flag flying.

Of course, the usual troll types are responding and talking with great authority on subjects they know nothing about, as is their wont.

Anyway, ober da chaps!



Kernow – One of the Home Nations

Something very interesting and surprising occured in today’s obscene (IMO) jubilee flotilla.

Here are some pictures of the royal rowbarge ‘Gloriana’  flying the flags of all the home nations including (rightly) KERNOW!

Kernow – a nation, not a c*unty.

Flag Grab

“Breaker, breaker, get that flag gone!”, “Roger D!”


New footage just in.

From 3:12 you can see the policeman in question receiving instruction via his earpiece and then grabbing the Cornish flag from torch bearer Andrew Ball.