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Mam speaks on ‘Terrorist’ Son

Further to the posting of the 24/10/12:


This is NOT the child in question, merely an approximation of how Sun journos wish he was. Again, this is NOT, I repeat, NOT the child. I’m just using an emotive picture which has nothing to do with the story to provoke/create a reaction, in the same way papers like The Sun and their ilk do.

The Scum Stirs up Anti-Cornish Feeling (Again!)

A letter published in the Polgooth Times – the newsletter for the village, purporting to be from a 12 year old member of the fictional Cornwall National Liberation Army has got the idiots at the rancid rag that is The Sun rubbing their hands in glee.
This lot like nothing more than stirring up hatred towards the Cornish, even with something as preposterous as this and it’s not for the first time: http://bit.ly/RiqTbu http://bit.ly/Risi1S.

Just have a read of some of the mental comments below the article, typical of the Sun readership!