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Shameful Cornwall Council

Now this is of course, a new blog, so what better way to start it than with a post concerning that most nefarious and self-imposed of entities – the unitary authority that is, Cornwall Council.
There will be many posts over the life of this blog regarding this shameful ‘Johnny Head-in-air’ bunch!

Today, however, a remarkable revelation has surfaced and is causing quite the controversy and no little wonder. The Daily Telegraph, published a list of Council expenditure on credit cards of over £500. It makes for shocking reading.
Cornwall Council (along with scores of other councils) released the information to the Telegraph through the FOI act.

The jokers in Duchy (I refuse to use the word County) Hall’s total credit card expenditure over the last three years comes in at nearly £9,000,000!

While you and I have to contend with frozen wages, ever increasing fuel bills, taxes, parking etc. the clowns in Truro are racking up bills into hundreds of pounds for such things as Nintendo Wii consoles and theatrical trips to St Ives. Worse still is when it goes into the thousands eg. pure silk ties; unlocked Nokia phones for a certain Andy Beckett to the tune of over £5,000; more than £2,000 over two months on shoe repairs, shining and hat cleaning (?!) and most unbelievable of all – a £60,000 stay at a four-star Spanish hotel and if you thought it couldn’t get worse then stop reading, for this is the most sickening: a trip to Bangkok and a stay in a luxury hotel totalling a staggering £350,000!
The Council have now come back with the apparent fact, that the figure for the Thai trip should’ve been in rupees and not pounds. Anyone told the ‘damage-limitation’ lackey pulled from his Bank Holiday weekend, the currency of Thailand is the baht?

As Father says, ‘Who’s takin’ the piss outta who?’
In travelling the Duchy, all I see (and have seen since the introduction of this insipid Unitary Authority), is dirty streets, un-kempt hedges and grassy areas, litter everywhere etc. At the same time, charges for everything are going up;  amenities such as public toilets are threatened with closure and all while the smug elite in Duchy Hall are living the life of Pascoe!

I’d like to say, they couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery but I fear, at our expense, they could do it frighteningly well!