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There’s no Future in England’s Dreaming

Sometimes you have to wonder, why the English establishment are so threatened by a small, repressed nation like Kernow?
Or for that matter, Scotland, Wales, Ireland etc.

You might say they’re not threatened at all, how could they be?
If that is the case, why is so much done by them to try and keep the status quo?
Is it for the benefit of Cornwall to be denied her inalienable rights to be an independent, free nation? Is it in Scotland’s interests to be a part of an unbalanced, out-dated act of Union? And despite 300 years of formal annexation by England, is it in Wales’ best interests to continue in this way for another 300?

For centuries England has trampled across indigenous nations, waged war and interred dissidents but what makes the English establishment and certain English people so resistant to give back what was never theirs to take?
In the case of Cornwall, it never was taken. No formal records exist of annexation. Cornwall always existed separately from England and earlier Wessex. In 936,  the ethnic cleanser Athelstan forced the boundary of Cornwall from the river Exe in what is now Devon, back to the eastern bank of the river Tamar where it remains, in constitutional law, today. Maps showed Cornwall as a separate country. Many writers, ambassadors and historians wrote of Cornwall and the Cornish alongside England and the English. At his coronation, the maniacal mass-murderer Henry VIII listed Cornwall separately from England, while his daughter Elizabeth apparently spoke nine languages: five were the languages of Britain and Ireland which included Cornish and she had stated that she didn’t rule Cornwall.
So what happened? After the war of 1549, England, in a fit of spite, “forgot” Cornwall existed as a nation and proceeded its insidious assimilation agenda which continues to this very day.

So why is this carrying on? Why are groups and individuals ridiculed and denigrated for speaking of such things?
It is because it has been erased from the collective consciousness, meaning those that do are loonies and fantasists. But who are the fantasists when the history is there for all who want it?
Go on any Cornish fora and see the abuse levelled by English participants who blatently refuse the evidence put before them yet offer none to support their end. The same goes for sites like Wikipedia.
What difference does it make to them?

Is the English establishment and those individuals who persist with this agenda frightened of groups of people with a strong identity?
Why can’t England exist peacefully alongside the other constituent nations of the British Isles? Perhaps they’re afraid we might all get together and give ’em a taste of their own medicine?
But this is 21st century Britain. What Cornwall and the other Celtic nations want is not enmity and strife, only to take care of their own affairs, not be controlled by power-hungry puppets hundreds of miles away, who have no concept of the issues affecting the people of said nations.

As we see from happenings in Scotland, things are changing, for the better. Kernow’s day too, will come.

The establishment don’t like it, the quasi-facist dream is coming to an end. They’re afraid and England is shaking like a shitting dog.