New Cornish Web Log

Dydh da,

Welcome to An Helghyer (The Hunter).

This is a blog on Cornish issues. Here I will attempt to dissect things affecting Cornwall (Kernow) and her people and name and shame all who make it their business to damage and disparage Cornwall, the people and the rich history and heritage of Cornwall.

Kernow has long been the target of groups wishing to incorporate her into some cosy, homgonised, ‘One State’. These groups ignore, hide and change history and geography to suit their own purpose and do not think twice about bandying propaganda to reinforce their agenda.

I wish to challenge this.

It may not always be pretty. You may not always like what’s written but then…
It also won’t be over-academic in its content. There are plenty of great Cornish blogs that do that already.
Here, will be issues and grievances laid out simply.


An Helghyer


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